Let’s Get You Prepared For A Perfect Family Vacation With The Kids.

Going on vacation is an exciting time, and picking out a vacation rental is just part of the fun. Deciding what to bring, however, can be tricky.  But for a family seeking a truly relaxing vacation, traveling with kids isn’t always easy. In order to have a stress-free getaway, consider the list below of must-haves in your vacation rental.

1. Toys and Games for Allthe platinum rental experience - vacation rentals in arizona

Having some extra ways to entertain your children on vacation is a must. By bringing a few key toys that your child loves, you will save yourself the stress and money of having to purchase new toys while on vacation. Consider a property like Red Rock views retreat in Sedona, Arizona; with the extra yard space, your child could kick a soccer ball around outside.

2. Arts and Crafts Supplies

Art is a great way for a child to relax while on vacation. By bringing crayons, pencils, paints or markers in conjunction with coloring books or loose paper, you will ensure that your child spends his or her time wisely. The perfect place to do that is our quiet vacation sanctuary where the privacy is perfect for people who need some peace. Consider spending that peaceful time inside by making a vacation scrapbook with your child, remembering all of the fun memories you had together.

3. Outside Activity Essentials

vacation in arizonaGetting out into nature is another great way to have a relaxing vacation. Don’t forget to bring the proper activewear for you and your family. The best thing about Arizona is that you can do things outside together that are skill building and offer a relaxing environment!

A few examples of fun outdoor activities would be golfing, hiking, fishing, swimming, or you might even consider bringing along your bicycles for a family bike ride. Or you might consider this inclusive family vacation rental with two heated pools and a playground. Also, we have many locations that offer a playground near the vacation rental for a fun way to let your children burn off some steam.

4. Pool Accessories

Relaxing by the pool is the best part of any vacation rental. In our outstanding vacation townhome rental, your rental is adjacent to a sparkling pool, perfect for you and your family. Don’t forget to bring all your pool necessities like swimsuits, pool toys, pool floats and snacks. Bring your camera, too, because you’ll be taking a lot of family pool-side selfies. There are many people who bring GoPro or waterproof cameras for exceptional footage and unlimited entertainment in the swimming pools provided in the majority of our vacation rental homes!

5. Familiar Things from Home

Bringing something familiar from home, whether a blanket or a picture, is a great way to help your child to relax in a new setting. Consider bringing a favorite pillow, stuffed animal, picture or sentimental object to help him or her enjoy the vacation better. At our exceptionally spacious house rental, with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, your children will most definitely find a nice place to rest their heads after a fun-filled day.

We know Family Vacations;  When children are relaxed then everyone can relax. 

To better learn about what vacation rental is right for your family vacation, contact us!